Rey Valera's Classic Songs Now were Big TV Series Hits!

Rey Valera's love songs were really immortal! In the 80's, all his love songs became a huge hit and even now recognized as classic Pinoy love songs. Even the Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta made her own renditions of these Rey Valera's classic! Her movies were also inspired by those well-loved OPM love songs.

Now, even the TV series world was also captivated by these classic love songs of Rey Valera. Yup, many of your favorite TV series today were inspired by Valera's music. Have you also notice this?

Well, let's have a TV series trivia. I have here with you some of your favorite TV series which used Valera's classic songs as their theme song or even the title of the TV series itself! Get to know them:

"Kung Tayoy' Magkakalayo" - Same Theme Song and Title

Theme Song of "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga"

Same Title and Theme Song of "Tayong Dalawa"

Same Title and Theme Song of "Walang Kapalit"

Same Title and Theme Song of "Maging Sino Ka Man"

Theme Song of "Pangako"

Theme song of "Wala Nang Iibigin Pang Iba"

Amazed?! Did I forgot to mentioned anymore TV series which uses Rey Valera's music?

This was really great! Imagine how far the different love songs of Rey Valera reached! Even the koreanovela "Sassy Girl Choon-Hyang which was aired on GMA-7 in 2005 also used the theme song of Rey Valera! Great one! =)

And various artists made their own remakes of Valera's song which was used in each TV series. Some examples were Vina Morales singing "Pangako Sa'yo" and "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" for "Agua Bendita", Piolo Pascual for "Walang Kapalit", Erik Santos and Sam Milby for "Maging Sino Ka Man", Shamrock for "Wala Nang Iibigin Pang Iba" in "Sassy Girl", and Gary Valenciano for "Tayong Dalawa" and "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! Cool!

We may also note that the song "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" was first used in Judy Ann Santos' soap "Ula" in the late 80's wherein Rey Valera was the singer. Now the said song is also the theme of the No. 1 Primetime teleserye "Agua Bendita"!

Well, this is a great example of collaborating the different crafts of Filipinos. Music, TV series, and even in movies were all bundled by one hit maker lifting up the pride of our own race! Great...great...great! What do you think will be the next song of Rey Valera to be use in a TV series?! C",)

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