PHR Presents: 'Love Me Again' Final Episode

Another hit TV series that faced its final curtain last Friday is the Precious Hearts Romances Presents: "Love Me Again" featuring the first-ever tandem of Valerie Concepcion and Tom Rodriquez with Johan Santos and Cathy Remperas known as the Jocath love team!

The story ends so lightly and romantic! Love is truly in the air with this final episode. Well, did these four people aiming their love for the second chance got what they want?! So let's see in the final episode!

Here is the final episode of the story called"Love Me Again". Let the love be in your heart! =)

After all, the love story ends in church! The pairs were all get married! And of course the other characters in the story also have their own partners! It's such a cool romantic ending indeed!Best wishes to all...!!! C",)

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