'Habang May Buhay' Final Episode

For those who didn't able to see the grand finale of Judy Ann Santos's Primetime teleserye "Habang May Buhay", I have here with you the video clips of its ending last Friday, May 14, 2010.

Watch it and find it yourself the so-called 'controversial' ending! Agree?! What can you say about its ending? Satisfied?! Let's watch then! =)

It was truly a tragic story indeed! Jane (Judy Ann Santos) died but her memories remained as she gave her eyes to her daughter Mary Jane while her heart to her husband David (Derek Ramsey). Mary Jane grown into a lady who is really like her mother Jane. She also took the profession of a nurse!

And as expected, the villain Clarissa (Gladys Reyes) also faced a tragic death as she was electricuted in a live electric box! C",)

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