The Original 'Basahang Ginto'

Starting next week on the Dramarama block of the Kapuso network, we will all see another new drama series. It is the new installation of their Sinenovela Presents. The new series is entitled "Basahang Ginto" featuring the comeback tandem of Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana.

But did you ever know the origin of the story? Well, see the different images below. These how "Basahang Ginto" originates!

The Sampaguita Pictures Movie

Another Mars Ravelo's Masterpiece

It started as a Comics Story

The Original Star Who Played Orang in the Movie

Let's have a quick trivia.

"Basahang Ginto" was a 1951 comic novel from the famous artist Mars Ravelo. As we all know, Mars Ravelo popularized our hit Pinoy superheroes like Captain Barbell, Lastikman, and Darna! He was also the man who created Dyesebel, the mermaid we all loved and the other superheroes like Kapitan Boom and Varga! Aside from these, Mars also created other real-life comic stories. And one of these is this story!

After being a huge comic hit, "Basahang Ginto" became a movie. It was produced by the classic film production Sampaguita Pictures. The main stars playing the major role of Orang and Danny were Alicia Vergel and Pancho Magallona. Yup, Alicia Vergel is the mother of Ace Vergel. On the other hand, if I'm not mistaken, Pancho Magallona was the father of Francis Magallona!

After decades, "Basahang Ginto" is reborn! This time it will step on TV! It is now a new TV series that will capture the hearts of the viewers.

Giving a new look, Carla and Geoff will now the new Orang and Danny. They will give life to this classic hit!

Now the question goes, was the original story maintained in this soap? Or there will be addition plots? Well, reading the synopsis of the series, it looks like the story was good. It's another from rugs to riches story! But still, can it become a top-rater TV series for its timeslot?! Let's see! C",)

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