Mars Ravelo's 'Basahang Ginto' Reunites Geoff Eigenmann & Carla Abellana in a Sinenovela

Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana will reunite once more now in an afternoon drama. After first seeing them together in the Primetime TV remake of the Mexiconovela "Rosalinda" then having a special role in the fantasy series "The Last Prince", this time Geoff and Carla will dominate the afternoon.

Geoff and Carla is now the new stars of Mars Ravelo's comic classic called "Basahang Ginto"!

The Original Star of "Basahang Ginto"

The story was based on the 1951 comic novel of Mars Ravelo and later became a movie of Sampaguita Pictures featuring Alicia Vergel (the mother of Ace Vegel) and the late Pancho Magalona. Alicia played the role of Orang while Pancho played the character of Danny. Now Carla and Geoff assumes the roles.

Orang (Carla Abellana) was raised in an Aeta community. Her father was killed when they defended their land. After the incident, Orang and her mother (Rita Avila) decided to go to Manila. In the city more tragedy was faced by them. While selling rugs, her mother was accidentally hit by the speedy car leaving her permanently incapacitated!

Destiny pave the way to meet Orang and the rich bachelor Danny (Geoff Eigenmann). At first Danny only use Orang to nurture his broken heart from her girlfriend. He even changes the name of Orang to Laura Esquiviel. But later Danny will truly fall in love with the new Orang!

Knowing the real agenda of Danny, Laura ends up running away from the mansion bearing two things in mind: to seek revenge and to unravel the mystery that conceals her true identity!

More and more mysteries are yet to uncover! In their first-ever Sinenovela, catch Carla and Geoff in "Basahang Ginto" only in GMA-7's Dramarama block! C",)

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