Breaking and Building Friendships in 'Gimik 2010'

Breaking and Building relationship will be witnessed in the next episode this Sunday in the reinforced youth-oriented show "Gimik 2010" which is the current offering of Your Song Presents.

Will this be for good and forever?!

Breaking Friendship between the Original Cast

Building Friendship between the New Cast

For the original member of the group led by Dianne (Judy Ann Santos), Gary (Diether Ocampo), Gina (G. Toengi), Bryan (Bojo Molina), and Melanie (Mylene Dizon), a breaking relationship is about to happen! Dianne will be leaving to go to another country. Gina and Garry's marriage is now broken! Melanie is getting insecure with herself being a plain housemate.

On the other hand, there will be a building friendship between the new cast. A love story between Lance (Lance Christopher) and Jessy (Jessy Mendiola) is about to bloom! Their relationship will be tighten up so soon!

Hmmm...looks like an opposite situation is happening between the new and the original cast. Will Raymond (Will Devuagn) allow Dianne to leave him as she leave the country? Will Gina and Gary totally live away from each other? Will their friendship that was strengthen by time now be broken?! And for Lance and Gary, how far will their closeness go?!

Well, these were just some of the stories that will make us hook every Sunday afternoon right after ASAP XV! Two different tales of friendship! C",)

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