The Magician and the Crooner Heartthrob Make It on Top in ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’!

Filipinos were truly amazed by the performance of these two contestant in the top-rating reality talent search shown of ABS-CBN "Pilipinas Got Talent"! No doubt why their really make it to the top! These two were now the Grand Finalists in the final round of the said show.

They were:

The Singer/Model - Markki Stroem

The Magician - Allan dela Paz aka Alakim

Their performances were really superb! The heartthrob Markki Stroem serenade the crowd by singing his own version of the song"Ordinary People" while playing his own piano! On the other hand, Alakim amazed the audience with his magic including his butterflies trademark!

In terms of votes, Alakim garnered a total of 28.49% votes. Stroem placed second with a total of 25.32% votes. Their fight were really closer!

The magician Alakim and the heartthrob Markki will compete with the singer Jovit Baldivino and ventriloquist Ruther Urquia together with the other more six finalist to be determine in the next episodes of "Pilipinas Got Talent".

Next Saturday on ABS-CBN's Primetime Sabado, another breath-taking performances will be witnessed in the No. 1 reality talent search show "Pilipinas Got Talent"! See Yah...! C",)

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