Derek Ramsey Pairs with Angel Locsin for the First Time!

Yup, for the very first time, the so-called 'Universal Leading Man' Derek Ramsey is paired with the hottest young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin. Their team-up once again proves that Derek Ramsey deserves to be called as the 'Universal Leading Man' of the country!

Oops... they were paired not in a movie or in a TV series but in a sexy TV commercial! Angel Locsin is now the new lady endorser of Century Tuna superbods with Derek Ramsey as her counterpart!

They two were too sexy and super hot in the said commercial! Here is their commercial poster:

And of course, here are the two video clips of their TV commercial. Watch this:

They two were really too soooh hot to handle! They really made the environment feels so hot, hot, hot! Temperature truly rise to the highest level!

Angel and Derek with this new TV commercial poster a perfect tandem. Since they two were both sexy and best actors, hope that we can see them together in one big TV series or movie project. This will gonna be a one big promising hit if prosper! Good job Angel and Derek! More sexy appearance like this! Keep it up...!!! C",)

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