The Girls' Turn in 'PBB Teen Clash' Eviction!

For the succeeding weeks of eviction in the Pinoy Big Brother House, three male housemates were already eviction. Maichel and Eslove were forced evicted while Potz underwent the voting process.

Last week, the girls made their turn! Another set of evictees leave kuya's house. This time, they were both girls.

Just the the fate of the first batch of evictees, Maichel and Potz, these two girls were both eliminated from the house through forced eviction and regular process.

These girl housemates were:

Rachelle “Shey” Bustamante

Rebecca Chiongban

Rachelle "Shey" Bustamante was forced evicted from the house last Sunday due to initializing conspiracy. They talked about the person they wanted to nominate which is Tricia. Shey initiated the conspiracy not once but thrice! With this act, kuya decided to give a forced eviction to Shey!

On the other hand before the forced eviction of Shey, Rebecca Chiongban was the first to leaved the house. She got the lowest number of votes. Below is the text votes received by the three nominees last Saturday:

1. Patricia Santos – 57.27%
2. Lilieyen Santos – 33.87%
3. Rebecca Chiongbian – 8.86%

Today the twist continues in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010. With the addition of the international housemates who is living in the neighbor Apartment house as 'bed spacers', more conflicts will about to witness! C",)

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