Goodbye Tonyo, Welcome Elias...A Back to Back 'Agimat'!

This Saturday, another Back-to-Back "Agimat" Special is about to witness! Two great powers in one big fantastic night! This time, it's the term of Tonyo and Elias!

Tonight, let us all catch the final episode of Coco Martin's "Tonyong Batawak" while on the other hand, be the first to see the pilot episode of Jake Cuenca's "Elias Paniki"! Two great powers merge in one powerful Primetime Sabado night! Which of the two is your type?

As "Tonyong Bayawak" bid farewell, more action and fantasy scenes are about to witness. Tonyo will fight vigorously with Brandon (Eric Fructuoso) and his gangs to save his family! What will be the verdict of his 'agimat' now that he use it wih a wrong reason?!

Another mystery is about to see in the first episode of "Elias Paniki"! The child Elias will be born bearing a mysterious truth. What is this mystery in the life of Elias? How he will become the fighter of the witches ('mangkukulam')?

Two hunks bearing two different 'agimat' powers will conquer our night to fight for one reason! Two faces of good deeds versus one evil spirit!

So again like they always do every beginning of one Agimat series and ending of the other one, they put them together in one back-to-back night! So let us all salute these two 'tagapagpamana ng agimat' Coco Martin and Jake Cuenca being "Tonyong Bayawak" and "Elias Paniki" respectively in ABS-CBN's Yes Weekend Primetime Sabado! Don't dare miss it...! It's a one hot Sabado night...! C",)

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