Christian Bautista Go Naked in Bench Billboard!

Bench billboards always give us different surprises. We didn't expect that an ordinary actors or actresses can be a gorgeous one. Or they can show the hidden sexiness in the persona of different stars!

After everybody got crazy on the first big billboard of the PBB Double-Up Big 5 Housemates which is now displayed along EDSA, another big star showed his sexy body via this hit billboard. Did you able to see this big billboard of Christian Bautista courtesy of Bench along EDSA Guadalupe?!

Yeah, we didn't expect that the Asian Pop Prince Mr. Christian Bautista is sexier than expected! Everybody got surprised and got crazy seeing the sexy abs of Christian Bautista endorsing the Bench OJ Blackwash jeans!

Every passengers in MRT passing to his billboard were really looking to his big sexy billboard. Everyone admires him! Christian can even go further! Aside from singing, acting, now he can even go bolder and sexier dominating the fashion world!

Just like the PBB Double-Up Housemates specially Melai who really became so beautiful and tempting because of their Bench billboard, Christian Bautista on the other hand really risen up our temperature! Nice one Christian! Hope we see more and more like this...! C",)

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