Another Tale of a Hunchback Beauty in 'Rosalka'!

Is beauty really matters? How is beauty important in the the appearance and looks of a person? Do we really need to discriminate persons not blessed with good looks?

This Monday afternoon right after the noontime show "Wowowee" in Hapontastic get ready to see another story of a hunchback beauty! She will be the second hunchback to be loved by the public!

The Empress of Drama, Ms. Empress Schuck is "Rosalka"!

Empress and Felix or Empress and Matt?

"Rosalka" is the story of a young girl who is not gifted with a good physical appearance. She was born being a hunchback.

Due to her physical appearance, the people around her were so cruel to her! She will carry the pain of judgment, discrimination, and cruelty! Only her loving family (Mikey Ferriols and Kier Legazpi) supports her.

But aside from her parents, Rosalka has a best friend in the person of Matt Evans who will also protects her. Along the way, she will also meet the character of Felix Roco whom she will fall inlove with!

Rosalka's Loving Family

Hmmm...seems that two guys will fight for one extra-ordinary lady. Who will win the heart of "Rosalka"?!

Besides being a hunchback, there is also a mystery behind the personality of Rosalka? What is this mystery about? Well, it's for us to find out!

As I have said, "Rosalka" is the second hunchback that we will going to love. The first hunchback we all know in a fantasy series was Imang (played by Ms. Anne Curtis) in the hit Primetime Bida fantaserye "Kampanerang Kuba" way back 2005. Will Imang and Rosalka share the same story? Which of these two hunchback will you love more?! We'll all see...!!! C",)

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