Paco Already Found Agua in 'Agua Bendita'!

The long wait is over! The person he is looking for finally found! Paco (Jason Abalos) and Agua (Andi Eigenmann) finally met in the undisputed top-rated TV series "Agua Bendita"!

Paco's mission is to prove that Dr. Marcial Cristy (John Estrada) is hiding the water-human twin of Bendita (Andi Eigenmann) and bring it to their home to cure her ill mother (Dimples Romania). He used to work in the Cristy's family being a water delivery boy, a driver, and a waiter just to catch Agua!

Accidentally while fixing his boat in the sea, Paco was bitten by a snake! He was shouting for help but no one came! Until Agua heard the shout and immediately came to the boat to help the needy.

With her tears flowing to Paco, Agua able to cured Paco and seems that nothing happened! As Paco awakened, he didn't let Agua to go away from him!

Afterward, Paco and Agua became good friends. Only the two of them stay together in the island. They helped each other build their mini-house, get food together, and sleep together!

While Ronnie (Matteo Guidicelli) and Agua's family keep on searching for her, Paco and Agua enjoyed each others' company in the island!

And before this week's episode end, Paco requested Agua to come with him to cure her ill mother!

Will Agua come together with Paco in his home? Will their friendship remains if Agua found out the real reason why she met Paco?! Is Paco sincere with the feeling he shown to Agua?! What will be the next steps in their friendship?!

Well, another more surprising and exciting chapters to look for in the next episodes of this hottest teleserye today "Agua Bendita"! It smells that another romance will bloom! Or another love triangle will form?! Hmmm...! C",)

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