Three TV Series To End Today!

It's gonna be an ending marathon today of your favorite TV series. Three ABS-CBN's teleseryes having different genre is about to end today. Are you excited to see the final episodes of the story you avidly watched?

Coincidence or not, in the three teleserye blocks of the Kapamilya network has a TV series to end. Primetime Bida, Early or Pre-Primetime, and Hapontastic, one soap is about to say goodbye. And here they are:

Will Jane won over the evil hands of Clarissa? (Primetime Bida)

Will love be given the final second chance? (Pre-Primetime)

Will love and dignity save them from tragedy? (Hapontastic)

Triple finales, triple treat, triple breath-taking episodes! Which of these three TV series has the most exciting and surprising ending?

In the Hapontastic block, "Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal" will give us an action-tragic conclusion. Revenge, crime, and fights will all rise to the highest level!

In the Pre-primetime block, a promise of 'kilig' and inspiration will feed our hearts as this Heart Yngrid's story in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: "Love Me Again" face its final destiny. A cool light-romantic ending is all expected!

And in Primetime Bida, all are excited to see the so-called 'controversial' ending of Judy Ann Santos' soap "Habang May Buhay"! Definitely, tears and bloods will surely flow in its grand finale!

Well, seems that our TV will have no time to rest! It is also sad to see that these three TV series will all say goodbye since they were already became part of our daily lives. But the good thing is, if something go, then another thing will come...! Next week, new shows will welcome us! So, let's all prepare for this once in a lifetime TV series marathon...!!! C",)

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