Your Song Presents: 'Isla' Week 5 (April 18) Finale Episode

The much-awaited ending and the mystery finally revealed in the final episode of Your Song Presents "Isla"! I really love the twist in this story! It was such unexpected!

In this ending, Sam, Paul Jake, and Tom remained as 'the last persons standing' in their group! But eventually, their lives were all taken away!

Daniel (Gerald Anderson) was really the last person in the story! But will also about to die!

Rica was murderer in the hotel while the group of Cathy, Hermes, and Johan were altogether killed through explosion of their ship boat.

But, the most interesting part of the story was during the revelation of the truth and the unveiling of the story!

Well, for now I won't yet tell you who's the real killer until you watched this final episode! Did you got the right guess?!

So, let's check this out in this "Isla" ending! Hold your breath as we unveil the mystery...! c",)

This is one of the best ending I ever watched in terms of the TV series. Gerald Anderson really created a remarkable role here! Of course the former PBB Double-Up Housemates truly showed their best in acting! Great job to all of you! Hope to see once again in a remarkable TV series like this! Awesome! c",)

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