The "Twisted" Twist in the 'Isla' Finale!

It was really a 'twisted' twist in the final episode of this hottest Sunday afternoon mini-series called "Isla" in You Song Presents.

We didn't all expect though there is a hint that he is the 'real killer' and the mastermind of all the mysteries that happened in the island.

During the confrontation scene where Paul Jake, Sam, and Tom alleged Daniel (Gerald Anderson), Mario (Gardo Versoza) immediately appeared and gunshot Daniel in his shoulder then revealed that he was the one who raped and killed Leslie (Daniel's fiance). He even planned to kill his nephew Paul Jake but he failed!

As the truth prevailed, Daniel immediately got the gun from Mario and shot him! The death of Mario cleared all the mysteries and crimes in the island!

But this was not yet the ending...

As Daniel already became friend of the remaining Tom, Sam, and Paul Jake, they promised each other to go back to the island after they went home to their families.

But when they were already in the boat, they shocked to see Daniel bringing them back to the island! From the boat, Daniel brought back the three to his place!

Saying that, "5 na napatay ko...3 na lang...!" the real truth came out that Daniel was the real serial killer! He was the one who killed Patria, hung-killed Rica, and exploded the boat of Cathy, Hermes, and Johan!

Yup, Daniel was a crazy man! He became insane after the killing of his parents followed by the rape and murdering of his girlfriend!

Sam, Tom, and Paul Jake had nothing to do but die altogether by the gun shooting of the crazy Daniel! Daniel remained the last person in the story but he has about to kill himself by a gun...!

Oops...this is not it! Immediately, Daniel woke up finishing his script! Haha! Actually all were just the script of Daniel Libiran. Yeah he was really a scrip writer creating different stories. He even requested his boss that next time he wants a romance-story after this script "Isla"! Haha! Then the story ended lightly...

Oh was really a twisted story! I love the way it goes...haha! Truly it is really a remarkable story to note! Gerald Anderson here show his great talent in acting! He proves his crop that he is a best action and drama actor! Congrats Gerald! =)

Of course, the PBB Double-Up Housemates also proved their acting prowess! Patria, Rica Paras, Cathy Remperas, Hermes Bautista, Johan Santos, Sam Pinto, Paul Jake Castillo, and Tom Rodriguez were really a promising stars to shine the brightest!! Good job TEAM ISLA!!! Job well-done! c",)

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