Your Song Presents: 'Isla' Week 3 (April 4) Episode

Here is the complete Week 3 episode of the hottest Sunday afternoon mini-series Your Song Presents "Isla"!

After I gave you the first part of this Week 3 episode, complete now your collection with the second up to the sixth part of this last Sunday's episode!

Tragedy started in this episode! The team, together with Daniel (Gerald Anderson) kept on looking for their missing friend Sam which was actually kidnapped by Daniel.

Paul Jake already arrived in the resort. They already met with Daniel. Immediately, he wanted to find Sam.

As per Daniel's instruction, the team should be divided into three groups so hat they may find Sam faster. Paul Jake went together with Rica and Patria. But Tom wanted to find first Sam before she could find by Paul Jake!

The thriller started when Patria was killed in the forest! She was left there bloody with an unknown person! One friend was lost!

Watch the complete Week 3 episode:

Who killed Patria?! Was it Daniel?! Or as the team suspected, did Tom responsible for this?! Or maybe there is another person behind this crime?

Well, another breath-taking Sunday afternoon to watch next week. As the trailer showed, next week Sam was rescued and Daniel's mystery was already revealed! What then will the next plan?!

So, I'll gonna watch the next episode this coming Sunday! See yah...!!! c",)

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