A Sizzling Hot Ending of 'Maria De Jesus'!

It's gonna be another hot, hot, hot day this coming Friday afternoon as the longest running Mexican telenovela "Maria De Jesus" known as 'Anghel Sa Lansangan' will face its final episode.

Yeah, it's truly sizzling hot ending! Why?! Well, beside the hot hunk body of William Levy Gutierrez or better known as Juan Miquel San Roman in the story and the alluring sexy face of our bida Marichuy, the last episode will put us all in great fire!

It's literary fire since in the end we will see that Marichuy will going to be trapped in a fire caused by Juan Miquel's ex-wife!

After the reconciliation of the lovers Marichuy and Juan Miquel, they once again plan their marriage! Juan Miquel beg for Marichuy's apology for all the things he had done wrong for the girl. And since love prevails, the two were back in each others' arms!

On the day of their marriage, Juan Miquel's ex-wife prevented Marichuy to go to their wedding. She trapped the girl inside the small house and she burned the house!

Will Marichuy able to get out in this burning house?! Can she escape the fire and proceed with their wedding? Can Juan Miquel save her?!

These were some of the sizzling scenes that we should await in the final episode of this Mexiconovela from Televisa, the same network company that give us the hit "Rubi" and all the telenovelas of Thalia!

In Mexico, the original title of this soap is "Guidado Angel"! =)

So, let all put our Hapontastic habit in great, great heat with this sizzling hot telenovela finale in ABS-CBN!!! c",)

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