Steamy Night in 'Rubi'!

Got 'bitin' with the hot love scene photos of Angelica Pnganiban and Jake Cuenca in the top-rated Primetime series "Rubi"?

Well, don't feel bad 'coz I have more and more! This time, they were no longer pictures but a video clip itself taken from that episode.

Yup, here is the first steamy night episode of "Rubi" which aired last night of April 21 featuring the hot, hot, hot love scene of Rubi and Alejandro!

Their scene was not just a love or sex scene but a romantic scene as well! It is serenaded by their theme song sung by Juris of MYMP!

How does it feel watching it?! Feel so hot! Have your handkerchief or towel with you...!!! Haha!! C",)

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