Bringing Back the 'Gimik' Days!

The original 'Gimik' Barkada

This Sunday afternoon, the hit and well-loved 90's barkada will reunite once again. The original cast namely Diether Ocampo playing Gary, Giselle Toengi playing Gina, Bojo Molina (who made a TV comeback) playing Brian, Mylene Dizon playing Melanie and Judy Ann Santos playing Dianne will be back again giving us a brand new story about their lives after their first 'Gimik' story.

But this time, they were not completed. Three original members could not joined them anymore. Of course Rico Yan who played Ricky couldn't make it to their reunion since he already passed away last March 2002.

The other two was Marvin and Jolina...

Former Barkada now a Rivalry?!

Marvin Agustin who played Joey and Jolina Magdangal who played SC in the original "Gimik" were the hot love team during those days. So sad now that they cannot anymore join the reunion since they were already in the other network!

Is this intended or just a coincidence...the former member will now a rival?!

The "Gimik" reunion this Sunday will be pitted against "Dear Friend" wherein the hosts were Jolens and Marvin who were well-known and identified as part of the original Gimik Barkada!

A teamwork or a rivalry?! What will happen on Sunday?!

Well, it's gonna be an exciting fight if happen! But as a televiewer, who will you support?! Another exciting game to come...!!! But still, we must consider the friendship that was established during those good old days! =)

And, have you observed...? The names of Joey and SC were still in the title?! Wow, they were still treasure as part of the Gimik barkada even though they were already in the rival network!

The original "Gimik", the youth-oriented series was aired in ABS-CBN every Saturday from 1996 to 1999! c",)

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