Meet This Two Couples Aiming for Second Chances in 'Love Me Again'!

Well before we see the new story of Precious Hearts Romances Presents which is "Love Me Again" taken from the famous pockebook novel of Heart Yngrid, let me first introduce to you the cast and characters of this story.

Two loveteams will be watch in this new soap. Jocath or the tandem of Johann Santos and Cathy Remperas which started in the Big Brothers house. And of course, Tom Rodriguez will have now a new leading lady in the person of Valerie Concepcion! Hmmm...what name will you give to their tandem?! =)

So, meet the characters that will put romance in your daily viewing habit:

Preciosa “Precy” Pilapil (Valerie Concepcion) - is a 26 years old Project Manager of a Condom. She's an overprotective sister that sometimes she becomes too controlling. She and her brother became orphans when they were young and Precy stood as his brother's both Mother and Father. She is quite an old maid and had no boyfriend since birth.

Chadilton “Chad” Barrera (Tom Rodriguez) - is a 27 years old owner of a resto-bar. He's a former suitor of Precy and is willing to do anything for her. But when she dumped him, he became a changed man.

Donato “Donnie” Pilapil ( Johan Santos) - is a 21 years old fresh graduate who is preparing to take the Board Exam. He got brokenhearted when his girlfriend dumped him and eversince then he lost his way and dealt with depression by spending his time with drinking with friends and being immature.

Pauleen Dimagulangan (Cathy Remperas) - is a 21 years old ex-girlfriend of Donnie who is now the girlfriend of Chad. She works as a promo girl for Chad's resto-bar.

Well, excited to see them all? Catch how their love stories started today before Primetime Bida in ABS-CBN. Another new sets of love teams will conquer your TV screen! See yah...!!! c",)

(Character Descriptions From: ABS-CBN.COM)

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