A Story of Second Chances in 'Love Me Again'!

This afternoon another new hot episode of Precious Heart Romances Presents is about to begin. This new story is called "Love Me Again" and is all about the story of second chances!

And it stars with the three hottest PBB Double-Up ex-housemates namely Tom Rodriguez, Johann Santos, and Cathy Remperas with Valerie Concepcion!

Well to give you a quick synopsis of the story:

When Precy (Valerie Concepcion) comes home for a two-week vacation, she learns that her brother Donnie (Johan Santos) is devastated because he was dumped by his girlfriend, Pauleen (Cathy Remperas). Precy learns that Pauleen dumped Donnie for another man.

Being a protective "ate", Precy decides to do something about it. With the help of her friend Cardo, Precy investigates and learns that Pauleen's new boyfriend is Chad (Tom Rodriguez).

Chad used to be in love with Precy and Precy sees this as a chance for revenge. Precy will let Pauleen feel what Donnie felt - to be dumped and be broken-hearted. So Precy decides to seduce Chad and steal him from Pauleen.

The problem is, he is no longer the Chad she used to know, the Chad who was so in love with her.

Precy will do anything to make chad want her again, realizing that she's doing this not for her brother anymore, but her own self. Because Precy has already fallen in love with Chad.

(Synopsis Courtesy: of ABS-CBN.com)

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