Angel Locsin on Sense and Style Magazine Cover - Heaven Sent More Blessings to Angel!

Still beautiful in red...! After StarStudio, Woman Today, and FHM (did I forgot to mention other magazines?), the young superstar and the star of "Imortal", Angel Locsin further graced her fans and readers being the cover of the May edition of Sense and Style Magazine.

With the banner story of "Forces of Nature: Angel Locsin, Heaven-Sent!", Ms. Angel Locsin really looks like an Angel sent by heaven with her beauty, elegance, and sex-appeal!

It seems like Angel Locsin is really blessed this time! She is the cover girl of many prestige and elegant magazines for April and May. She also has a much-awaited TV series called "Imortal" which will launch their first ever Angel-Lloydie tandem! And she has an upcoming movie with Aga Muchlach! Wow! Heaven really sent more and more blessings to Angel! Nice one! =)

We may also note that for May 2010, Angel Locsin will be seen in two magazines. One is in her comeback in FHM while the other is in this Sense and Style Magazine! Awesome!

These things only proves that Ms. Angel Locsin is the hottest young superstar now a days! She's the brightest Angel in her generation! Keep this up! More new magazines to come...!!! C",)

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