Kris Aquino Now Plays a Battled Wife in "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo!"

The latest chapters of this hit Kimerald TV series known as 'ang teleseryeng lalabag sa batas ng pagmamahal...', "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" gets more and more intense every night!

After the revelation of the top secret of Celine (Kris Aquino) wherein Gwen (Kim Chiu) was not the real daughter of Frank (Albert Martinez), Celine's life in the hands of Frank became very miserable!

If before we see Celine as a loving and a martyr wife of Frank, now Celine turn-out to be 'battled wife'!

Knowing that Gwen is not his real daughter or Gwen was the daughter of Celine from the other man, Frank started to hurt Celine physically!

Frank couldn't accept that he was being cheated by his well-loved wife. He keep on searching for the real father of Gwen to know who's the man that betrayed him! He eventually turned into an angry monster knowing the truth!

Gwen was even forced out from their home by his known father Frank. No place to stay with, Gwen keep on roaming in different places and was about to get raped when she decided to rent a small motel.

Meanwhile afraid of hurting their child Baby Michael (Baby James Yap), Celine decided to move the child out from their house. She gave him to the helping hand of her bestfriend Barry (Pooh).

This made Frank more angry! Trying to escape, Celine was caught by Frank and brought her back in their mansion. Inside the house, Frank keep on hurting Celine leaving her face bloody!

The pain didn't stop! Celine was not allowed to leave their house. She will be jailed inside their house until she gave back Baby Michael to Frank!

Hoooh...! It was really a very tragic life Celine had now! Up to what extend this tragedy rules?! What more breath-taking episodes will come?! Can the happy married life of Celine and Frank be back again?!

Well, these were some of the things that we need to find out in the succeeding episodes of the No.1 Primetime teleserye, "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! Keep your handkerchief with you while viewing...!!! C",)

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