Angel Locsin and Andi Eigenmann: A Duplicated Beauty!

Looking them both, they were exactly look alike!

The very first appearance of Andi Eigenmann specially on the trailer teaser of "Agua Bendita", we all say that she is Angel Locsin. Some mistakenly identify Andi as Angel Locsin!

Look at them:

Angel Locsin

Andi Eigenmann

Yeah, they were really look like Twins! Awesome! Seems that they were a carbon-copy beauty!

Both of them have a beautiful face. And of course, both of them got the sexy body!

Besides their looks, another similar thing between the two is that both of them emerged from a fantaserye! They were both a product of fantaserye!

And of course, they were truly the Queens of Primetime!

Angel Locsin dominates Primetime TV series by her hits namely "Mulawin", "Darna", "Majika", "Asian Treasure", "Lobo", and "Only You"!

On the other hand though "Agua Bendita"is the very first TV series of Andi, it really conquers Primetime nowadays both in Mega Manila and in Nationwide TV series!

Because of these great similarities, many viewers want Angel and Andi together in one TV series. Some wants Andi to be the sister of Angel in her upcoming new fantasy series "Imortal"! What do you think?! Or better see them in one separate soap...?!

Well for me, if you'll gonna ask me, yeah I like to see them in one TV series! Definitely, it will gonna be a one huge hit! Two great powers in one super soap...awesome! They will really defeat all other programs!!!

TV series or movie together for Andi and Angel is really exciting to see! Or even a TV commercial will do!!! c",)

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