Your Song Presents: 'Isla' Week 4 (April 11) Episode

The thriller intensifies in this week's episode of the Sunday afternoon mini-series "Isla" in Your Song Presents.

We are already on the Week 4 episode which was shown last Sunday, April 11, 2010.

In this episode, more lives were taken away. After Patria, it was Tom who killed! Then before this week's episode ends, Rica is about to die!

Johan already joined the team. He wanted to reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Cathy.

Meanwhile, Sam was already saved from the hands of Daniel (Gerald Anderson). But the police, Gardo Versoza was gunshot by Daniel!

Well, as promise, here is the complete Week 4 episode! Watch it out and get thrilled! =)

It's gonna be another exciting and more thrilling episode to come next Sunday on its Week 5. I want to know who was responsible for the explosion of the ship boat! And if the remaining team will be saved from this great danger! Great one! Good job housemates!!! c",)

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