Piolo Pascual To Do A TV Series with Two Child Wonders!

Recently, there were rumors that the ultimate hunk heartthrob Piolo Pascual will leave his home network ABS-CBN and will transfer to its rival network!

But finally, these issues were cleared after Kapamilya network released an official statement and Piolo Pascual himself speaks that he will remained as a solid and exclusive Kapamilya!

Piolo added that being a certified Kapamilya, he has an exclusively contract with them. He has many project lineups, an album with Star Record, a movie with his former love team KC Concepcion, and a new TV series with the country's two child wonders Zaijan Jarantilla of "May Bukas Pa" and Xyriel Anne Manabay of "Agua Bendita"!

Yeah, Piolo will have a new soap with Santino and Agua/Bendita!

Well if this prosper, it's gonna be a perfect blend mixture of the TV series icons. We all know that both Santino and Agua/Bendita created a remarkable legacy in the Philippine TV and Piolo Pascual is now consider as the top actor of Philippine movie and TV who also created a legacy in the Philippine showbiz! Both these three actors were so popular nowadays and truly the words of every mouths! They were certified favorites of every Filipinos worldwide!

Hope that this project will materialized! It's gonna be Santino meets Agua Bendita with their Papa Piolo! Haha...! A sure hit this could be! c",)

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