A Brand New Erich in 'Tanging Yaman'!

We all see and know her as a poor girl who lived in poverty in the top-rated pre-Primetime soap "Tanging Yaman"! But the former rag will now transform into a finest lady!

Josefina or Fina, the role of Erich Gonzales in this hit TV series will now transform into a beautiful new character! Yup, a brand new Fina will be witness in the upcoming episodes of "Tanging Yaman"!

As Fina was now introduced as the Presidential daughter of the Republic, an elegant and beautiful figure of Erich Gonzales will be seen in the series!

Last week, we all see her beautiful transformation. The way she dressed now truly reflects her beautiful self!

Now that Fina lives in richness as a Presidential daughter, how will she adapts herself in the new world?! What will be ahead in their relationship with Jomari (Enchong Dee)?! And of course, how will she face the cruelty of her half-sister played by Melissa Ricks?!

It's gonna be another more challenging and exciting chapters in the next episodes of "Tanging Yaman" only in Primetime Bida! c",)

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