Back-To-Back 'Agimat' Victory Last Saturday!

The ending of "Pepeng Agimat" and the opening of "Tonyong Bayawak" last Saturday earned a back-to-back victory! They got a 32.7% TNS Nationwide TV Ratings! They placed second in the Top 20 programs for this day!

Well, a very good salute for this two! A job well done! =)

"Pepeng Agimat" until the last fight proved that he was the Saturday favorite habit and the King of Weekend Primetime! Jolo Revilla was so thankful for this kind of achievement!

On the other hand, "Tonyong Bayawak" started a new hit! He keeps on the ball rolling as he maintained the victory of Pepe and Tiago! Coco Martin was very glad and proud to have a Primetime series like this! It's such an opportunity and another legacy!

Oh, I'm still happy for these two since I'm also an avid viewer of these Agimat series! Hayz, hope I can still catch it every Saturday since I'm also busy attending my personal needs! =) But then, keep up the good work Pepe and Tonyo! Goodluck!!! c",)

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