'Pepeng Agimat' Says Goodbye...'Tonyong Bayawak" Says Hello!

This Saturday, there will be a back-to-back treat from 2 of the new Agimat generation! As one will end, another one will begin!

Yup, "Pepeng Agimat" is about to end this Saturday while "Tonyong Bayawak" is about to start! And this will happen on the very same day! It's again a back-to-back show like the same way they did before on the ending of "Tiagong-Akyat" and the start of "Pepeng Agimat"!

Back-to-back adventure, back-to-back action, back-to-back power!!!

Jolo Revilla as "Pepeng Agimat"

Coco Martin as "Tonyong Bayawak"

It was a mixed emotion for Jolo Revilla as his series will end. According to him, he was saddened as his first starring role in ABS-CBN will end this Saturday. But then, he was happy that he has given a chance to show his skills and talents in acting and action scenes! He was also happy for Coco Martin being the next Agimat superhero after him!

For Coco Martin, he is glad that he is about to play as a superhero! According to him, during his childhood, he wished to be a hero! Now, his wish was granted. He was given a chance to play an extra-ordinary human having the characteristics of a lizard or bayawak!

Well, it's another back to back hit this Saturday! As we say goodbye to "Pepeng Agimat", let us say hello to "Tonyong Bayawak"! It's truly an exciting weekend tomorrow for this full double packed action-fantasy-adventure in "Agimat Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla" only in ABS-CBN!!! c",)

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