Will It Be an "I Do" or an "I Die" in the Final Day of 'Substitute Bride'?!

Today will be the final episode of the Quickilig edition of the Precious Heart Romances . This is the first ever team-up of Rafael Russel and Paw Diaz.

The story of "The Substitute Bride" was taken from the pocketbook romance written by Martha Cecilia.

Will the story ends up as a happy-ending or a tragic blast?!

In the last episodes, we witnessed how the ex-fiance of Brent (Rafael Russel) confronted Wilda (Paw Diaz)! Will there be a tragic gun-shooting that would happen between Candra (Carla Humphries) and Wilda? If so, whose life will be put in danger, Wilda or Brent?

As cousins Candra (Carla Humphries) and Jimmy (JM De Guzman) threaten the lives of Wilda and Brent in one of the mini-series' final scenes, the life of the two lovers were put in danger. Will the love story of Wilda and Brent finally ends up in altar? Will it be an "I Do" or an "I Die" finale?

So, let's catch it all today before "Tanging Yaman" and see if we're going to be invited in their wedding! See Yah!!! c",)

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