Mariel and Zanjoe in the First 'Quickilig' Offering of PHR

Real-life sweetheart, Mariel Rodriguez and Zanjoe Marudo star in the first "Quickilig" offering of Precious Heart Romances in the whole month of February. Their episode is entitled "Love is Only in the Movies" and will run for two weeks.

"Quickilig" is a short series of love stories in PHR and will run only for two weeks unlike their previous long series before. This is only for the month of February.

For those who want a brief synopsis of their episode, here you go:

"Love is Only in the Movies revolves around Sheye (Mariel Rodriguez), a certified movie fanatic who spent her younger years with her grandmother re-enacting famous movie scenes together. Due to unexpected circumstances, she grew up using her acting skills not to pursue a showbiz career but to became a professional impostor, fabrication specialist and a reality actress rolled into one. In one of her projects, she met Xander (Zanjoe Marudo), a certified playboy who does not believe in love. How will the two meet and eventually fall in love? What obstacles will they surpass, disproving the notion that love is only in the movies?"

So, catch them every weekdays in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic block before "Tanging Yaman"! Feel the love everyday! c",)

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