'Habang May Buhay' Synopsis

I know all of you were really excited to see the pilot episode of Judy Ann Santos' comeback teleserye this Monday! But before you actually see the show, here is a quick synopsis of the story from its home network's website, ABS-CBN.com:

"Jane’s childhood dreams to become a nurse to help her mother, who is also a nurse, will be shattered by one tragic incident caused by someone she truly loved.

From then on, Jane vowed to heal her mother and seek truth and justice for her mother’s heartbreaking state above anything else. Jane vowed to never love and trust again.

As time passes, Jane struggles to heal her mother and become the nurturing nurse that her mother hoped her to be.

And Jane’s journey into the Filipino medical world leads her to meet David – the arrogant heir to the hospital, who becomes her worst enemy but secretly pines for, and Raon, the street urchin whom she constantly saves and heals.

Will Jane heal in time to love again?"

So, let us all see the whole story this Monday night on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! c",)

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