Team Santino or Team Rico?!

The battle between bad and good! It's now Bro versus Satan but in terms of the children! Who will reign in the end?!

One more week before the grand finale of this inspirational series "May Bukas Pa"! But as the story comes nearer to its final end, each chapters became more surprising and challenging! If we used to see Santino always talking with Bro, now its Rico, the half-brother of Santino who was now talking with Bro's counterpart, the voice of evil!

Because of this, the evil voice made every Rico's dreams and predictions alweays true! Every coming tragedies in Bagong Pag-asa was already predicted by Rico. These made people believed in him and even made him as a Prophet!

With Rico's power to predict every tragedy, people in their town became worse, greedy, and selfish! People then were divided between Santino and whom of the two child to believe! At first Rico keep himself and the people believe that he was the one telling the truth, that he was the one who always talk with Bro!

But last night, seems that Rico was finally enlighten. He didn't anymore believe with the fake Bro! He was now in the side of the real God! Now, he will convince the people on the real truth!

But the sad part of the story, now that Rico and Santino joined hands to fight the evil and save the people, a tragic event happened to Santino! He was gun-shot by an unknown person!!! Very breath-taking and heart-breaking moment!!!

Now the question goes, will Santino survive or will he finally joins his parents in heaven?! Will there be another miracle to save the life of Santino?! Well, we're gonna catch these all tonight and the rest of the nights in the final 6 days of the No. 1 award-winning inspirational series, "May Bukas Pa" only in Primetime Bida!! c",)

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