'Boys Over Flowers' One Last Night!

This night happened the "pinaka-nakakakilig na ending" of this phenomenal hit series "Boys Over Flowers"! All of us had witnessed how the love story of Jhun Pyo and Jan Di concluded with a smile in all their hearts!

What can you say about the ending?! I know you really love it!

Well, if you're to ask me, I really love the way how they concluded the story! It's so light and truly suited to everybody's generation specially to the teenagers!

It was also the last day of Jan Di in school! Yeah, it was her graduation night. During this night, she danced with the three members of the F4 starting from Woo Bin, Idoom, and Ji Hyu.. When she danced with each member, she reminisced the moments with them and the personalities of each boys! She didn't danced with Jhun Pyo in this graduation night, but Jhun Pyo is her last dance!

Yeah, after Jan Di danced with the three members of F4, she immediately meet Jhun Pyo in their special place. There, an artistic lights welcomed their love. In their place, Jhun Pyo finally proposed to Jan Di! But Jan Di didn't immediately accept the proposal of Jhun Pyo. She let Jhun Pyo for the meantime to achieve first his dream of going to Hongkong and satisfied his career.

There in a faraway place, Jhun Pyo focused on his career. Then Jan Di in Korea continued her work. After years, Jhun Pyo and Jan Di together with the other members of the F4 met! All together they celebrate their friendships! A very good scene! This ended the story!

I like the ending! So light, nice, and lovely! I like Jan Di in the end. She had now a long hair in pony tail! Nice one! Of course the finale scene was really good! A really nice view! I love it! Hayz...we'll gonna missed them! I still wanted to watch this repeatedly 'till the nth time! Hope for another replay! Thanks then Primetime Bida for letting this hit Korean series part of your lineup!!! c",)

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