'Somewhere In My Heart'...Love Created A Place In The End!

This is the last week for all the Kaye-Guji fanatics 'coz this coming Friday, the light-romantic comedy romance of Femi and Aaron will face its final destiny!

Another romantic ending is about to wrap-up! Again, same questions and conclusions are there in every viewer's mind...could this be a happy ending?! Or a new 'trend' in today's TV series will also apply to their love story?!

Well, talking of the said 'new trend' in our TV series today are the no happy endings in the life of the main characters in the end. The main characters now die on the finale! Just like what we had witnessed on the ending of "Tayong Dalawa" and "Tiagong Akyat" where the lead characters Audrey and Tiago died in the ending! Why do I said so?

It is because, on the recent episodes this week we all witnessed the tragic accident encountered by Femi. Due to jealous and insecurities of her rival (character played by Princess Ryan), she commanded to kill Femi by hitting her with a car. We all saw the tragedy faced by Femi after she was hit by the car!

But besides this, people around her were getting into conflicts. Aaron's mother suffered from heart attack after Aaron admits that he wants to marry Femi!

Not a natural cause, but a tragic intended accident almost took the life of Femi!

Now the question goes, what will happen to Aaron and Femi's Love story? Did it still a light cool romance in the end or will it be a painful finale that would put us all hurts and emotional feelings?! Well, the answers were all in the final episode!

Personally speaking, Kaye Abad and Guji Lorenza created a perfect pair on TV. Fans of their love team eventually increased! Both of them put 'kiligs' in every televiewer! This second Precious Hearts installation after the "Bud Brothers" series is truly a successful comeback for Kaye Abad on TV! Not to mention that she also got a perfect cute partner!

I know all of you will truly missed their tandem. It's undeniably, they put tears, laughter, and love in all our heart! "Somewhere In our Heart", they really created a place...!

And so, let's all reserve a place besides our TV screens for their final moments...!!! They were definitely a new tandem to beat! c",)

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