Nene is No Longer 'Katorse'!

Yeah, that's right...! Nene is no longer "Katorse"...! It is because, she already turned 18! She already celebrated her debut! Are you invited?!

This is the latest happening in the pre-Primetime hit TV series in Primetime Bida. Erich Gonzales character in the said series was now a lady! She was already in the right age!

This is also the most awaited chapter in this series. Many surprising events will take place during the 18TH Birthday celebration of Nene.

One of these events is the wedding proposal of Gabby (Ejay Falcon's character) to Nene. Will Nene this time accepts the proposal now that she's already in the right age?! But, what will now happen with their love affair with Jojo (Echong Dee's role)? Could the fight for love of these two men in Nene's life get even hotter!

And what other trials and challenges will Nene face together with the people around her!?'s another exciting chapters to look for on the succeeding episodes!`

But the question goes, now that Nene is already 18, could we then change the title from "katorse" to "Disi-otso"?!!! c",)

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