'Full House' Pinoy Version...Not as Strong as the Original?!

This week marked the start of the new Pinoy revival of another hit Koreanovela. This time, it's a turn for "Full House" which aired on GMA-7's Telebabad.

Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista now play the role of Justin and Jessie respectively. Originally, it was played by Rain and Song Hye Kyo. This is the comeback tandem of Richard and Heart after their first series "Codename: Asero" !

Hmmm...many said, their pilot episode was not as high as expected. It not even surpass the original Korean version. Well, let's analyze!

Maybe it we will look at the Nationwide TV ratings provided by TNS, "Full House" debut only on No. 10 with only a 21% rating. But then, it we look at the Mega Manila rating, it was strong coming out at No. 4 with a rating of 28.3%!

In terms of their cast, I could say that it was really a new move since the stars of this series took a brand new roles. It is first time of Richard Gutierrez to make a comedy light-romance role knowing that all of his TV series done were action and fantasy! For Heart Evangelista, still bit new seeing her playing dramatic roles in many of her previous soaps.

The location is also good. The place was taken outside the country!

For the theme song, well, they still retain the song of Janno Gibbs. Hope that they will make a new version of this song just like they did with their previous revival series.

Since it's very new on the Primetime block, it's too early to judge. It's up to the viewers the acceptance of the show. For now, let us all enjoy seeing the Filipino flavor of this Korean hit! c",)

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  1. Full House is now the highest rating show in Philippine Primetime TV. The show is funny and exciting every week. I love our pinoy version. The casts are great and I like the twist on the story. Heart really fits the role of Jessie Han. She and Richard looked good together. Can't wait to watch more. I'm so loving this version.

  2. Full house was the first Pinoy Tele Serye I got hook with because I love the chemistry of the two leads. They are so addictive. Richard is so natural for the role, Heart is so good playing the role. Plus they really know how to end each episodes making the viewers hungry for the next.