'Super Inggo'...Now As The First-Ever Animated Series

Your favorite original Pinoy young superhero, Super Inggo will now again back in our TV screen for the third time. But on his comeback, a brand new image of this well-loved Filipino superhero is yet to unveil.

Yeah, he is not anymore in the form of human like us, but in an animated form! On his comeback together with his team now termed as "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa", he paved the way to the birth of our first-ever Pinoy Animated series brought to us by our Kapamilya Network!

2006 when "Super Inggo" first-aired on TV in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. It was another form of fantaserye wherein the major casts were comprised of superheroes fighting agains their super evil antagonist.

It was not an ordinary fantasy-series on TV that time because all the superheroes there were all the popular Pinoy Superheroes we all loved before like Kumander Bawang, Petrang Kabayao, Kapitan Islaw, etc. Not to mention that the main cast or the lead superhero was only a child named as Super Inggo!

This was a big break to the child singing-contest winner Makisig Morales. Yup, he was the champion in the reality singing competition Little Big Star!

Super Inggo together with bestfriend and his tropa were training in the Academy of Super Powers or Super Hero Academy. They need to fight for the king of evil, Prince of Darkness!

In that year, Super Inggo played a good game in the TV rating. It got a consistent high rates from the different televiewers.

In the succeeding years, "Super Inggo" was again back in the different timeslots. The sequel of the series was aired as a Saturday Primetime TV series as "Super Inggo Ang Bagong Bagsik"! Another sequel was aired in the weekday morning timeslot in ABS-CBN's Umaganda! Even the original first version of this series was replay in the morning!

These things made Super Inggo a very very popular child Pinoy superhero. Even toys, prints, accesories, and shirts were dominated by this kid!

And now, starting this Sunday, the kid will come again in our TV. Super Inggo is now a fully-animated TV series. It is such another breakthrough in our television history sin ce it is the first to be made as an animated TV series.

So, let us all welcome our very own Pinoy animated cartoon superhero, Super Inggo! Another great job from our Kapamilya! Congrars! c",)

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