BOF One More Time!

The fever is back! The craze will once again flourish!

Well, I know majority of you really missed this Korean F4 who dominated our TV screen just early this year. Some of us truly wishes, "Sana May Part 2" or uttered, "Hope there will be a replay...!"

But now, throw that sad feelings away 'coz every wishes have a corresponding answers!

Recently, our Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN announced through their commercial teasers that this cool Koreanovela version of the hit Meteor Garden will again be seen on TV.

Yah, they will be back on Primetime Bida having a title of "BOF One More Time" ! But then didn't yet announced its exact timeslot. Well what did you think, could they be placed again in the early Primetime before TV Patrol World, or in the middle of Primetime? Or maybe they will be back on its original late night timeslot before Bandila!?

Hmmm...for me, I could wish them to be place in the middle of Primetime so that I could still watch them not so early (since I'm still on work duty) or not so late (since I need to sleep early for my morning shift)!

But, whatever timeslot, I'm pretty sure that everyone of us will really watch it again. They will still get hook over it!

In my case, I didn't exactly watched the whole series since I'm too busy in my work. But seeing the teaser, the trailer, the episodes plugged in TV, it assures me full fun and entertainment. They surely put us in an in-love condition with the romantic moments of Jan Di and Jun Pyo! This TV series was truly one of the great TV show ABS-CBN had provided us for this year!

Hmmm...since "Lovers In Paris" was already announced its coming finale, will BOF replaced it?! We'll gonna see...!!! c",)

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