'Pepeng Agimat'...Continuing the Legacy of 'Agimat'!

As 'Tiagong Akyat' bid goodbye last Saturday but climbing the peak of its rating as well as dominating all our Saturday nights, here comes the second inheritance of 'Agimat'! This time, the Modern Day 'Aswang' Killer or the so-called "Aswang Killer" of the New Generation will capture your weekend primetime nights!

Here comes "Pepeng Agimat" but this time, the third succesor! The grandson of the original 'Agimat' King will be our Aswang savior every Saturdays!

Like we all know, "Pepeng Agimat" was originally a classic Pinoy movie played by Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr. from Imus Production.

In the original movie version, Ramon Revilla Sr. was joined with the stars like Ms. Gloria Romero, Rosemarie Gil, Alona Alegre, Aurora Salve, and Robert Jaworski! It was a box-office movie putting Ramon Revilla Sr. as our official Pinoy 'Agimat' king! Hmmm...I'm interested to watch this original movie version!

But then, if you're wondering how the original classic version looks, well spot the picture of it below:
It was truly a classic one! The movie poster was a plain black and white drawing. But it was really eye-catching! Actually the original title of it as you can see in the poster was "Pepeng Agimat (Sa Mundo Ng Kababalaghan)"!

Way back in 1999, another version of "Pepeng Agimat" was done by Ramon Revilla's son, Bong Revilla and was an official entry for that year's Metro Manila Film Festival!

Yeah, I remember that movie of Bong Revilla. I was a 3rd year high school student then. I actually watched that movie in VHS and even in ABS-CBN. A very good and a hi-tech one!

In that movie, Bong Revilla fought for his mortal enemy, the queen of darkness played by Princess Punzalan! The ending was an open-ended since Princess was not actually killed. He suddenly appeared on the cloud laughing and initiating a revenge in the next sequel!

Gladys Reyes was also in the movie who was possessed by an evil spirit. And I think LJ Moreno was also in the movie who was Bong's leading lady.

Hmmmm...I can't remember if Bong Revilla's 'Pepeng Agimat' movie had a sequel wherein Mylene Dizon played as his mortal enemy, the new queen of darkness? Can you verify this?

And now, the 'Pepeng Agimat' power was then passed to its new successor. From grandfather...to father...and now to son...Jolo Revilla! And this time the remake was made as a TV series.

In this TV series remake, Jolo Revilla was paired to Melissa Ricks whom he didn't know that belongs to the kin of Aswang! He was the son of Ai-Ai Delas Alas in this series. Meanwhile, Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr., he's real-life father has a special role appearance in the show. Bong played the old street man that will give the 'agimat' to Pepe.

Hmmm...it's another exciting action-packed fantasy TV series this coming Saturday! The second to the four new generation of 'Agimat'! How would Pepe handle his Aswang lover? How powerful and tough the new Pepe was compared with his father and his grandpa!? And of course, the most awaiting part are the scenes of the father and son, Bong and Jolo in the series!

I can't wait and see this second installation of Agimat Mga Alamat Ni Ramon Revilla Presents: "Pepeng Agimat" this Saturday night! A sure new incoming hit from the home of No. 1 teleserye remake, ABS-CBN 2! Keep it up Kapamilya...! c",)

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