TV Series Locations

The actors and actresses, the lead stars, the supporting casts, the 'kontrabidas', and the story line...! These were some of the factors that keep televiewers stay tuned in their favorite TV series. But aside from these, there is other important factor that will catch the taste of televiewers!

Yup, you're right! This is the location or the settings or the environment where the major scenes were taking place! Have you heard TV series fanatics talking, where is that scene shot...? In which country did they took that romantic scenes? Or some may say, "I like the house where the major characters live..." or may inspired, "how expensive the properties they used...!"

Properties, house settings, land properties, as well as the locations count as some of the important things why avid viewers stay in their favorite TV series.

Did you see these beautiful houses and real states? Yeah, some of these were seen on TV as many TV series used these as their prime location for the major casts in their story.

Specifically, elite characters in the TV series use Office Space Lexington to shoot some important scenes. Characters working in a Corporate World took Office Space Lexington as their primarily working area or where the day to day chapters in their life took place!

Are you familiar with the Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate? Yup, TV series in the United States or other teleseryes shot abroad collaborated with this Real Estate company. Since it is a trusted name in the industry for over 20 years, TV series you have already seen taken particularly in Lexington and Central Kentucky have a marked of this industry.

Hmmm...what other things can this Office Space Lexington could offer in you favorite TV series? Well, maybe if TV series like your favorite Koreanovelas wherein major scenes are in the Corporate World, their other specialization fields like Brokerage, Leasing, Property Management, Tenant Representation, Receivership Bankruptcy Services, Land Development, Land Sales and Consulting could really fit the setting needs!

Wow! A great thanks to Tim Haymaker and Steve Bean who started this firm. Tim Haymaker founded this business in 1989 and joined by Bean in 1991. Without them, maybe you couldn't see great and beautiful locations in your favorite TV series!

Having a mission to deliver Superior Real Estate Services representing you as the “Client” with the highest moral and ethical standards, truly Office Space Lexington provides a great way for a TV series to hook up their audience! c",)

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