Adios Rosalinda!

This Friday will be the last day for GMA-7's Thalianovela remake "Rosalinda"!

Yup, "Rosalinda" will finally face its final episode this week. If I'm not mistaken, this series run on TV for about 4 months via GMA's Telebabad. Speculations say that the not so long airing (unlike their remake of "Marimar" in 2007 which last for more than 6 months) of this remake is due to the low rating and the not so good acceptance of viewers to this TV series. Or maybe the storyline was totally different from the original Mexican version?! Hmmm...!

Newcomer Carla Abellana, the daughter of the actor Rey PJ Abellana played the lead role of Rosalinda. This is her very first starring role on TV and a big project that is usually given to the known popular stars!

On the other hand, Carla's leading man Geoff Eigenmann who played Fernando Jose is also a first-timer to hold a big role like this! But the question goes, do they really fit the role of Rosalinda and Fernando Jose originally played by Thalia and Fernando Carillo? Or that their tandem received a low impact from the audience?!

Well, if I were to ask, there is no problem with their roles. Carla though just a new artist had shown her best in portraying the role of Rosalinda. Her physical looks and some part of her acting figure Rosalinda. But in terms of singing and dancing like the original Rosalinda did needs her more practice and preparation.

Well, Geoff as Fernando Jose also showed his talent as a good actor in portraying the role. But then physically speaking, he can't really portrayed the original Fernando Jose since the orig was sexy and daring.

In terms of the story plot, the remake showed a total difference from the original version. Though the original characters were there, the flow of the story was different. Making Florentino (played by Rederick Paulate) gay, killing Fedra (Katrina Halili), and the absence of Rosalinda's final wedding scene from the other man which really created a high rating and high kilig factor in the original version were some of the difference! Overall, this revival was more tragic than the original Mexican series!

Maybe these were some of the cause why the series gained low popularity and low rating in the rating game. Or maybe its counter program in the rival network was really too strong to defeat?! But whatever the reason or effect, let us all reserve our seats on TV for its final episode! Adios Rosalinda... I'll gonna missed Carla!!! c",)

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