"Stairway To Paris"...The Battle of Koreanovela Revival!

Which is your bet? Which do you watched the most!? Who is your favorite loveteam? Who give you the most number of "kilig"!?

Well, it seems that there is a battle of Koreanovela revival on our primetime TV every night from the two rival networks. It was "Lovers In Paris" versus "Stairway To Heaven"! Two Pinoy versions of the hit Koreanovela which we used to loved before way back 2004.

Besides having the same timeslot which put the fight neck to neck, have you observed that these two have something in common?

First of all, it seems that reincarnation between the two was taken place. Yeah, the original Korean version of "Lovers In Paris" and "Stairway To Heaven" were both aired on the same year which was 2004 and in that very year, they were already in a fight. Since 'Kapamilya' network launched "Lovers In Paris" which became a smash hit on that year, 'Kapuso' network then aired "Stairway To Heaven" to counter-attack the rival network. The original version of "Stairway To Heaven" also made a name on TV on that same year.

Now, these two Koreanovela which served as the competing tools for both the two networks were again revived and once again fight in Primetime. Having the same timeslot, both began on the same month, then will both end together sooner...they two made a perfect match!

In terms of the leading men, two rival actors top billed the revival. Piolo Pascual as Carlo in Lovers while Dingdong Dantes as Cholo in Stairways!

In terms of loveteams in the show, both of them were a first-timer loveteam. Piolo and KC same with Dingdong and Rhian were both a first time tandem on TV!

In terms of kontrabida, both the two teleseryes have the same kontrabida in the name of Eunice. Yeah, Vivian's kontrabida and rival to Carlo in Lovers is Eunice (played by Assunta De Rosi). On the other hand, Jodi's kontrabida and rival to Cholo in Stairway is also Eunice (played by Glaiza De Castro). Wow...what a great co-incidence!

But in terms or rating...well its the figures that will judge! We already see the everyday results!!

What more can you observe between these two!? Well, you are free to give your comments on the other things that would compare and contrast these two similar series fighting on Primetime!!! c",)

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