Two 'Darnas' Give Large Amount for Ondoy's Casualties!

It’s not the amount of money that counts but the genuine concern to help people that matters. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note how big stars get big amounts from their talent fees to donate to the typhoon victims.

Typhoon Ondoy brought havoc in Mega Manila last Saturday leaving thousands homeless because of the worst flood that it caused.

Both ABS-CBN and GMA-7 held a telethon to raise funds for the typhoon victims. A number of stars volunteered for the two telethons in their gesture to lend a helping hand.

According to reports, the current Darna star Marian Rivera has donated P100,000 to the Kapuso Foundation yesterday for the typhoon Ondoy victims.

On the other hand, the former Darna star Angel Locsin has donated a whopping P500,000.00 for the typhoon victims. And since she is not busy with a tv or movie project at the moment, Angel reportedly roved the streets of the Metro to personally ask for more donations for the typhoon victims.

The two Darna stars have proven that they are not only heroes on the tv screen but also heroes in real life. Regardless of the amount that they have donated, the two stars truly shown a gesture of concern to the people who admires them, specially the “masa”, and that’s the more important thing.

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