New 'Lovers In Paris' Start A Spakling Romance Tonight!

"Sobrang ganda at kakakilig ang pilot episode...!"

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! An awesome start!

Well, these maybe some of the fews words you may say about the pilot episode of this crazy cool light romance Koreanovela revival of ABS-CBN 2 "Lovers In Paris"! At its very beginning tonight, it again proves how great this Pinoy version was!

After ABS-CBN made a very successful Koreanovela remakes (note that ABS-CBN was the first network to make Koreanovela revival which is "My Girl" last 2008) such as "My Girl" and "Only You", now here they come again to produce the third one which is "Lovers In Paris"!
To give you a quick background and a slight flashback, "Lovers In Paris" is a hit Koreanovela series which dominates the Philippine TV last 2004! I exactly remember the date, it was October of 2004! Yeah, the original "Lovers In Paris" was aired by ABS-CBN in October 2004 which replaced the first ever fantaserye on TV "Marina"!

Right after the fight of two fantaseryes "Mulawin" versus "Marina", "Mulawin" then faced "Lovers In Paris"! And "Lovers In Paris" truly made a remarkable smash hit on TV defeating its other counterparts!

I also remember Ms. Annabelle Rama saying, "hindi pupunta ang mga ibon sa Paris"! in a showbiz talkshow! This then happened when "Lovers In Paris" beat "Mulawin" in the TV rating game!

Did you also remember that the two main Korean casts of the original series visited our country!? Just then proves how great and how hit it made to Philippine TV!

Now on our very own revival, the pilot episode tonight again proves another remarkable hit!

Besides the place, Paris France which shows a very beautiful and nice place, the casts are also great!

KC Concepcion on her very first starrer on Primetime TV Series shows a very good acting! Being Vivian whom we all know 'kalog', 'makulit', poor in wealth but hardworking, KC portrays this role with greatness and at her best! I like the way she portrays Vivian here!

Piolo Pascual on the other hand as Carlo who is rich, neat, handsome, and educated guy perfectly fits the role! He then gives a judgement to this role!

Well, though not yet seen in the pilot episode, Zanjoe Marudo as Martin who is a 'rocker', road guy, and happy-go lucky person is best for his role! He has a great resemblance and similarity with the original Korean Martin!

And of course, the plot of the story is great! It is past-pacing! It didn't start longer on the young Vivian! From childhood Vivian up to Vivian in Paris, then she alreay meet Carlo comprised the pilot episode!

What a very very good start! I know more and more exciting scenes and chapters will come along the way on the suceeding episodes! 'KUDOS' Kapamilya! Nice one again! c",)

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