'Florinda' Sets The Night On Terror!

Your night will again be put on terror and thriller! After the story of love and revenge from hell in "Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara", then a horror story of mother and child under a devil's belief in "Maligno", The Susan Roces Cinema Collection in ABS-CBN's Sineserye Presents now back in Primetime Bida!

After Ms. Kris Aquino, then Ms. Claudine Barreto, now its Ms. Maricel Soriano! Maria is now the new "Florinda" , a woman who was supposed to marry Ramil (played by Mr. Jay Manalo) but eventually her man dissappeared! They didn't know if Ramil was died or he just back-out from the wedding. Believing that her man was still alive and her search to find the truth, Florinda lives in the ancestral house, the house of Ramil and his old mother, where they supposed to live after the wedding!

On this old house, several ghost haunting feared Florinda! Multiple ghost apparition came along until her sanity was put into question!

Hmmm...such a very good and a really frightening horror series! Just like the first two hits, it's another must see movie revived on TV!

Again, this horror series is another revival from Ms. Susan Roces Horror Cinema Collection. Just like the previous, I provided you here above how the original old movie, "Florinda" of Ms. Susan looks like. Surprised to see again that Mr. Dante Rivero was again her leading man!

Same with the previous two, this horror TV series is a four-week long series. How sad, it's very short! But though short in length, it's full of terrifying scenes and hair-frightening ghost encounters!

And in terms of cast, it's trully a powerhouse! Besides Maria and Jay, Cherry Pie Picache, William Martinez, Nikki Gil, Roxanne Guinoo, and Zanjoe Marudo completed the list! What more could you ask for!

Glad to say that I was able to catch its pilot episode last night! Just like the previous two revivals, it's again full of mysteries and terror. Can't wait to see more its other exciting chapters! Well, join me as I unveil the mystery every night on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! A really terrifying experience from the queen of Horror, Ms. Susan Roces! c",)

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