Being The 'First' To Catch The 'Last Romance'!

Have you ever ask yourself when you will find the love of your life? Or is that, you are afraid that your behind on the journey of love?

Again, it's Koreanovela on the air! For all Korean addict out there, here is a new Korean hit TV series for you!

Another new Korean series from GMA-7, this is the story of I think an old maid or should I say a former beautiful lady turned into an ugly one. She has a former love way back when she's beautiful. But then, as time passed by, when they meet again, the man didn't anymore recognized the former beautiful girl because of her new unpleasant look!

Will love find ways for these two?

Well, it's such a pretty good romance-comedy series! A new Asinovela to watch for. Seeing the trailer from GMA-7, it looks pretty good! The cast were all perfect for their roles! Well, well, well...better see it than never! Another cool crazy wacky Asinovela that started this week! c",)

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