State of the Art Bolts and Nuts in 'Tayong Dalawa'

Heavy drama at first...then eventually turning into a hi-fi Action...! Yup, as this Mega Manila's Number 1 TV series gets longer in the air, the story gets more intense and deeper. Started from a family, then a growing love more battle scenes and fight were witnessed by its avid viewers. There were more and more military intervention scenes. But the good thing is that, have you observed how they made these battle scenes?

Well, if you are a keen observer and very particular even into a very small details, try to look how they made their combat tools as well as the guns, shooting tools, and even airplanes flight in the air! Yeah, these heavy metal tools for war or for action and fight scenes were all fasten by a state of the art bolts, nuts, and fasteners!

As many military scenes were shown by this TV series, viewers get exposed with the different military specifications and other aeronautical materials. It's good to know or even observe that from the main aircraft down into its bolts and nuts, it is trully made of a highest quality materials. These made the fight scenes more realistic and convincing!

Because of these very little things, viewers make the sense and feel of the actual military experience. Well, have you remember the kidnapped of Dave by the terrorist? Or even imagine the illegal guns and other aircraft accessories provided by the group of Ramon? Or just watched the every night battle and raid of the JR's army. What can you say? Yup, it's truly a work and a great state of the art action!

Hi-tech, state of the art, and really convincing battle scenes!! Well, it's just because with the very simple bolts and nuts that fasten the story into a more high technology action scenes! Hmmm...maybe these were one of the reasons why this TV series even though stay extended in Primetime, the ratings continue to raise! Gets better and better as it goes longer! c",)

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