Marian's Darna Still Can't Beat Angel's Darna!

Still, Angel Locsin's Darna remains unbeatable by today's Marian Rivera's remake!

Yup, thought Marian's Darna now flies high in rating game in the AGB Mega Manila Rating, the one did by Angel Locsin still remain on the hearts of the viewers.

Talking about their pilot episodes, yup Marian Rivera's Darna last Monday, August 9, 2009 garnered only 44.1 % . She can't able to surpassed the pilot episode of Angel Locsin's Darna last April 11, 2005 which grabbed a rating of 47.1 %! Wow, a very big difference!!!

Want other more!?

Well, on my poll survey in this blog site, look at the difference between Marian and Angel! On the survey poll: Having two 'Darna' in our present generation, who between the two is better, really suits and fits the role of DARNA?, partial results as of this day:

Angel Locsin - 72%
Marian Rivera - 27%

Well, well, well, figures can tell! Hmmmm...still more days to cast your vote! But then, it only reminds us of the real 'Darna' who trully captures our heart for this new generation! c",)

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  1. Angel is really the most LOVED; the sexiest Darna ever!!! I agree to that...